Phuket Spectacular Aquarium

If you are planning a memorable trip to Phuket with Thailand and enjoy your days in this city. You should visit the tourist and tourist sites. Phuket in terms of spectacular places of Thailand’s most popular cities. One of the attractions of the Phuket tour that attracts every tourist in Phuket is its large and very spectacular aquarium. Located 10 km south of Phuket, this beautiful aquarium contains a large and complete collection of tropical fish and sea turtles and the rest of marine life.

A tunnel has been built in the middle of Phuket Aquarium, which is completely enclosed with glass. Above your head, sharks, whales, eels and beautiful fish, the placement of colorful and special lamps has given the tunnel a lot of beauty. Moving through this tunnel will give you the feeling of diving in the deep depths of the sea. On holidays, usually between 11 and 11:30, food is poured for the fish, which you will see beautiful scenes if you are here.

Cheap tourists can take a taxi anywhere in the city to go to the aquarium.

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