James Bond Island is one of the beautiful and sparkling islands of Fang Na Bay. With an area of 400 square kilometers, Fang Na Bay has 100 beautiful islands and you can see many of these islands in the Guinness Book. Of all the islands in the area, James Bond Island has unique features that have special beauty. A distinctive feature of the island is the large number of limestone rocks that protrude vertically from the emerald green water, and some of them are very high.

One of the reasons for the island’s popularity is the filming of Ian Fleming’s 1974 film The Man with the Golden Gun, which has attracted more attention from tourists and tourists.

James Bond Island is protected by the National Park, and no boat of any kind is allowed to get too close to the island due to its precarious position (very wide on the upper and narrow at the bottom), so the best way to visit the island is through small boats or a small beach Koh Ping Ghan.

One of the most beautiful places on the island is Koh Ping Ghan Beach. This beach has a very high rock with many small caves in it. Seeing these amazing slactite caves is very exciting. Tourists can go through caves on this beach by boat and enjoy being on this beach to the utmost.

The island with its unique landscapes has a special attraction for tourists and is an ideal place for sailing and sailing، and most of the tours to James Bond Island are by their side، visiting other famous islands with a stop in Koh Panyee for lunch with seafood that you can enjoy memorable days on the island.

The region has a warm and humid climate all year round, but April to May is the warmest months of the year. You can enjoy the golden and warm sunshine all day. September and October are also the rainy months in the southern part of Thailand, where there is a risk of destructive tropical storms.