Water Feast in Thailand + Photos and Video of Thailand Water Feast

In this article from the Thailand tour site photos of the water festival in Thailand and a clip of the water festival in Thailand and how to celebrate water in Thailand in Thailand is prepared.

The Thai people hold certain beliefs because of their Buddhist teachings and their Buddhist teachings. One of these interesting beliefs, which Thais are prejudiced about at the beginning of each year, is sprinkling. This sprinkler, known as the sprinkler festival or sprinkler festival in Thailand, takes place every year on the first day. This joyous and exciting celebration is considered one of Thailand’s attractions.

According to their knowledge, the water symbolizes purity, so that misery and misery away from their soul and body so they should sprinkle water on top of each other.This celebration in all parts of Thailand between man and woman, young follower, child and young and … Thais are held using tools such as hoses, pumps, buckets and sprinkler guns and generally anything that can be sprayed with water. Sometimes they make a thin dough and paint it on the face of the encapsulator. It is worth noting that this ceremony is also common among government officials.

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