Phuket Tour | Cheap and last-minute Phuket tour

1. Bang beach Tao Laguna Phuket

One of the famous sights of Phuket Beach Bang Tao Laguna is Phuket. Bang Tao has undergone many changes in recent years, and a quiet village has become a noisy tourist leisure center. It is a large, free bay and one of the largest sandy beaches of Phuket with clear blue.

2. James Bond Island Phuket

Ko Tapu Island is located near Phuket Island. The island, known as James Bond Island Phuket is a 20-meter high rock that covers an area of about 200 meters of water. The island became famous in 1974 when James Bond starred in one of his films, “The Man with the Golden Gun”.

3. Splash water park in Phuket

Splash water park is located on the beach of Mai Khao of Phuket city. This water park is designed as one of the most exciting recreations of Phuket city based on inspiring places of land such as the wonderful continent of Africa, the continent of Asia, the rich landscape of Turkey, the splendor of northern Europe and the vastness of North America.

4. Phuket Kha Fara Tau National Park

Kha Fara Tau National Park is one of the famous sights of Phuket located in the north of the city. The park is actually a large forest with protected animals, with Bang Falls being the largest waterfall in Phuket in this nature park. There are many species of birds and plants in the park.

5. Phuket Fantasi Show

Phuket Phuket Fantasi Thailand is one of the best recreations of Phuket tour, which is attractive and spectacular, super impressive and fun. The Phuket Fantasia Show is one of the largest shows in Asia, with a variety of games and entertainment, and numerous stores, the Elephant Palace, Similan wildlife, and fast food restaurants and stalls.

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